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Greater Copper Valley Chamber Of Commerce

Copper River Valley Chamber

Calendar Of Events

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Thu. 2/15 All day First quarter
Thu. 2/22 All day Full moon
Fri. 3/2 All day Last quarter
Fri. 3/9 All day New moon
Fri. 3/16 All day First quarter
Fri. 3/23 All day Full moon
Sat. 3/31 All day Last quarter
Sun. 4/8 All day New moon
Sun. 4/15 All day First quarter
Sun. 4/22 All day Full moon
Mon. 4/30 All day Last quarter
Mon. 5/7 All day New moon
Mon. 5/14 All day First quarter
Tue. 5/22 All day Full moon
Wed. 5/30 All day Last quarter
Wed. 6/6 All day New moon
Tue. 6/12 All day First quarter
Wed. 6/20 All day Full moon
Thu. 6/28 All day Last quarter
Thu. 7/5 All day New moon
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